Vocational Training


Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs)

  • Industrial Training Institutes play a vital role in economy of the country especially in terms of providing skilled manpower. At present there are a total of 11,964 (Govt. 2284 + Pvt. 9680)numbers of ITIs in all States/UTs. Training is imparted in 126 trades (73 Engineering+ 48 Non- Engineering +05 exclusively for visually impaired) of duration 1-2 years.

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Training of Trainers(TOT)

  • The Craft Instructor Training is implemented with the objective to train the Instructors of ITIs in the techniques of transferring hands-on skills. Structure of training programme is such that comprehensive training both in skill development and training methodology is imparted to the instructor trainees...

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National Council for Vocational Training(NCVT)

  • Ministry of Labour & Employment has constituted a tripartite body at the National level namely National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT) to advise the Government on training policies,norms and standards, trade testing and certification...

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