Quality Monitoring

Quality Monitoring Section :

This section will give the brief idea about the :

1. Attendance of the Employees :

    • Attendance for the Month of March 2016

2. Attendance of the Trainees :

    • Coming from Jan 2016

3. Monthly Trade test result of trainees :

    • Coming from November 2012

4. Electrical Energy Consumption.

    • Paying to Govt. Power Development Department on FLAT Rate Basis, with an agreement of 20KW.

5. Raw material Consumption.

    • ( coming soon )

6. Maintenance Expenditure :

    • Year 2016 – 2017 : Incurred expenditure amounting approx, Rs. 13 lac on the maintenance of existing workshop block, by way of fixing vitrified tiles, wall tiles, and painting of whole complex. The said work has been carried through R&B Division Sopore, Public Works Department, Govt. of A.P..

    • Year 2015 – 2014 : Incurred expenditure amounting to Rs. 1.38 Lacs for Installation of existing Machinery of  Electrician Trade on cemented base. The said work was executed by R&B Division Sopore, Public Works Department, , Govt. of A.P..

    • Year 2014 -2013 : Incurred expenditure amoutning to Rs. 1.98 Lac for Supply & Fixing of Wooden Storage cabnets in the Electrician and Radio Tv Trade. The said work was executed by SICOP, Govt of A.P.